Fully Cloud Based

AIDDT products are completely cloud-based and offered via an API endpoint. You can use the API directly or request a custom integration.

Fingerprints any Molecule

Regardless of whether the molecule is a novel discovery or an already known compound, AIDDT will be able to fingerprint it and yield actionable insights from the molecular data.

Reliable Database

Our platform comes with a reliable database for backing up molecular fingerprints and is accessible via the same API endpoint use to fingerprint molecules.

Extensible Platform

Our API is easily extended through our suite of domain-specific software. Typical usage includes clustering for drug-usage identification and for creating high quality datasets of molecular fingerprints for deep learning.

How It Works


Drug to fingerprint conversion

You can either send a single SMILES string for fingerprinting as an API request. Alternatively, you can use tabular data such as CSV or excel sheets. The drug molecules must be represented as SMILES strings.

Customise the Pipeline

AIDDT will automatically fingerprint the drug targets using a modular approach consisting of multiple Artificial Intelligence subsystems. You can select the output formats and the type of AI system you would like to use for fingerprinting. 


Retrieve the Results

Our optimized compute engine will return a result in less than a minute for most cases. The result format can be modified to suit your specific needs. 

Visualization and Analysis

You can use a third party tool such as Tableau to visualize the chemical fingerprints of drug targets, or even make a custom visualization pipeline for performing data analysis. Alternatively, use the fingerprints to as datasets to train your neural network to perform predictive tasks. 


AIDDT qualified as an AI quality project from Intel with a featured status on Intel® DevMesh

AIDDT is a product developed and maintained by an Intel AI ambassador

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